Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a few more days!

I'm sitting here watching American Idol, which is really weird for me because I almost never watch TV! But we watched the guys perform last night so why not watch the girls perform while I wait to switch the laundry over tonight? This is probably the last time I'll do laundry here which is really exciting! Tomorrow I pack up the kitchen, then it's time to attempt to fit all of our stuff into the u-haul trailer, truck and the car!

I really hate commercials...

I've been SOOO tired this week, I'm ready for this moving stuff to be over, and we haven't even started driving yet! My mom gets in tomorrow night, Friday morning is Ronnie's Prototype "graduation ceremony"(We've heard it isn't really much, but I went to his A-School and Power School ceremonies so I really want to be at this one too!) Then hopefully we have some time to eat some good food and show my mom Charleston before we are on the road!

I think the laundry is done! Yay for sleep!!! :]

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