Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I can't sleep, so I will be "productive"!

It's partly because I'm just not tired, well I was when I got in bed, but I've been up to pee like every 6 seconds and I just can't get comfy! I can't believe so much time has gone by between posts! Ugh! I really wanted to stick with it, but life got in the way. (Haha "life" I'm quickly re-adapting to the San Diegan version of's summer, I've been going to the beach as much a possible!)

I am almost 19 weeks pregnant now, and I STILL can't believe that! We find out what kind of baby we are having in one week! (I mean like the boy kind or the girl kind!) I honestly will be happy either way, but there is a little part of me that hopes it's a boy this time. Only because the husband (really wants a boy) has mentioned that the amount of radiation he is exposed to being a Nuke can affect his ability to make boys...but who really knows? I mean I doubt there has been any real research done on it!

Speaking of husband's job...we officially survived our first underway ever! I know it wasn't that long, and the one coming up will be even's just nice to know that I CAN do this! I can function on my own, with only email, I can get things I need to take care of taken care of (except Verizon, they anger me. "power of attorney isn't good enough, is there a phone number we can reach your husband at?" "no, he is somewhere under water in a STINKIN submarine, which is why I have power of attorney with me, and the reason I'M talking to you in the first place!") The other day they came home early by a couple days! I didn't know they were home, but I did see on Facebook that couple other wives were getting phone calls, so I was hoping for one maybe, even though I figured he wouldn't get to call since he isn't qualified yet. I just happened to have the front door open, and just happened to look out through the screen as he was walking up, it didn't seem real, I literally jumped back and said "Oh my gosh!" My little brother is here for awhile was like "what?! Oh! Ronnie's HOME?!" It was a great surprise! Of course the first thing out of his mouth while he was hugging me was "we're leaving again (sometime in the near future)" but I didn't care! Honestly I was a little disappointed because I didn't have the house all unpacked, put together and clean like I'd planned, but I got over THAT fast ;]

So, I am happy he's home! Even though today sucked because he had duty. I have now officially learned about boat smell! I did experience this in Charleston while he was on the prototype, but it was never this bad. I washed his stuff twice, and it still hasn't come out yet, but two washes did make a difference! I've also been preparing stuff to send with the boat for him for during deployment, we get a little tiny box to fill, for a halfway box. I'm talking 4x4x3 inches! TINY. I'll post a picture when I have it filled (which won't take long) It makes me a little bit jealous of those surface wives I've seen with their posts about these awesome packages they get to send! But I am excited to do it either way!

Well, I am actually yawning now! So I'm going to try and get a little sleep before I wake up hungry...oh wait...I'm already hungry. Well, I guess I'm going to get a snack, then sleep, I have to come up with something really exciting for a 9 year old tomorrow, I'm thinking Balboa Park! I feel bad because he's been here all week and we haven't really done anything but go to the beach today, and watch movies on Netflix!

I WILL post again soon, I pinky promise it won't be a month before you hear from me again! :D


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh yeah...I have a blog!

Honestly I cannot believe it has been this long since I've been on here! It's probably because we have gotten into this routine where we are in bed by 9 every night. Here are some things I've learned from experience in the last few no particular order...

1. 5 AM comes REALLY fast
2. People with perfect driving records can and will get in into an accident, most likely when they are on their way to pick up their spouse who just got done selling the only other vehicle they own.
3. There are some student loan servicing companies who are willing to actually work with you.
4. Soon to be dads like miniature baby things of what they have, just as much as the soon to be moms.

5. No matter where you are, there will always be that one weird person who asks way to many obvious questions and gets on everyone's nerves.
6.Your favorite "reality" TV shows, aren't always what they seem.
7. Sometimes it's good to just go for a drive, you might end up down a random dirt road shooting gophers.
8. Dropping your husband off at work takes on a whole new meaning when work is a giant metal whale that submerges in the ocean for weeks at a time.
9. Your first FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting can be a little overwhelming, it's similar to rushing a sorority.
10. Baby bellies pop up out of nowhere.


11. If you aren't on the cell phone account, you can't do anything involving the account.