The W Story

This is the W story.

Ronnie and Kristin met in high school, but never dated. They had a lot of classes together but never really hung out outside of school. Senior year came and they graduated.

Kristin went off to Northern Arizona University and Ronnie stayed in their hometown in southwestern Arizona and went to the community college, and worked. That year Kristin's aunt and uncle and cousin moved to Arizona so her uncle could be the pastor of her families church.

Ronnie's younger brother played baseball, so did Kristin's cousin. Kristin's anut and uncle met Ronnie's parents and became friends during the baseball season, it didn't take them long to realize the connection between them.

Soon after, Kristin started hearing a lot about Ronnie, and Ronnie started hearing a lot about Kristin.

They talked over MySpace every once in awhile while Kristin was at school. When she came home for the summer Ronnie's church and Kristin's church had a BBQ with the youth groups.

They spent a long time talking at this event, under a tree in the park.
At the end of the evening Ronnie asked Kristin to go to a movie because he never got the chance when they were in high school. They went to the movies.

Soon they hung out whenever they could, Kristin was lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons and Ronnie was working in the fields, so they were very busy that summer but they still found time for each other.

They knew their time together was limited, Kristin was leaving to go back to school, and a few months later Ronnie would be going off to boot camp for the United States Navy, but they made the best of it.
 Ronnie came to visit Kristin at NAU almost every other weekend. They soon became best friends and made many happy memories together.

It wasn't long before they were planning to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Kristin had no idea, but Ronnie was planning more than just a sight seeing trip.


So they were engaged, and had no idea when they would be married, but they enjoyed the time they had together before Ronnie had to leave. Kristin transferred from NAU to come home and spend more time with Ronnie before boot camp. While he was there she wrote him a letter every day, and waited patiently for the fat envelope of letters from Ronnie every week.

It was a rough 8 weeks but it was worth waiting through all of it to see each other again in Great Lakes at his graduation! But soon that weekend was over and Ronnie was going to Charleston, SC and Kristin to San Diego to transfer to another college.

Kristin came out visit a few times and they got married! And they decided Kristin should move out to Charleston so they could be together for another year before Ronnie needed to go to sea.

By the way...this is the same tree in the same park they sat and talked under almost 2 years earlier!

It was a crazy year in Charleston, but they had fun when they got time together. They made many great friends and memories. And now their story is about to open up to a whole new chapter...