Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home. Homeless. Houseless.

So, I know it's been a few days but it's been a busy and exhausting few days.We saw Texas the other day, some parts are really pretty, and some are just...not. You could say that about any place you go to though. It's impressive how flat it is, how you can see for miles and miles. We spent the night in Pecos the other night, there were coyotes outside the hotel. And El Paso, not somewhere I'd be too happy about living.

I just thought I'd let everyone out there know my mom and I made it to Arizona...since the last time I posted anything we were trying to out run tornados and make it across Texas in eleven hours.

We made it.

It was 90 degrees today and it was BEAUTIFUL. A big change from the 43 degree weather we left in South Carolina! Poor Mr. Charlie must hate me though, he's got SOOO much fur right now, and he just looks at me like he's saying "I'm so hot". He'll be getting a haircut soon.

My mom and I spent today making two different kinds of enchiladas for dinner tonight since we have both been REALLY wanting a home cooked meal. They were delicious by the way! I'll have to post the recipes some time in the when I'm not posting from my phone. ;]

The husband's truck's part should be in tomorrow! That means he will be on the road and making the trip out. He is very excited to finally come home. And I am excited to be home with him when he gets here! There is still a lot to do before we can have fun and enjoy leave with our families though, because that's what grown up responsible people do?

1. Get our stuff to storage in San Diego
2. Find a place to live in San Diego.

I guess it's not too much to do if you write it out like that. It is just a really big thing, finding somewhere to live.

Somewhere along the way I've decided that home isn't the place you live, it's the people with you. Right now I'm home because I'm with my family, but I also feel like I won't really be home until Ronnie gets here, because he is my home...especially when we were so far away from home. Then this other word comes into play, "homeless" how could I ever be homeless unless I was completely alone?

Right now I am home.
And to anyone else I'd be considered "homeless".
But what I really am is just houseless.

I know it's all going to work out, but with everything that's been going on lately it's hard not to worry.

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