Thursday, February 2, 2012

Now let's play catch up! :]

A LOT has happened in the past few months...I'm pretty sure August was the last time I posted! I really really REALLY didn't want that to happen, I feel like such a slacker because I haven't really even logged into Blogger to read or anything since then! Right now, I am skipping my web design class, funny story, we were talking about blogs and stuff and a little light bulb of "oh yeah I have a blog!" popped on in my head. SOOO here I go. My life since August!

August- I started my 2nd year as a college senior...yep that is 5 years so far! And the sad part is I will be a senior for another year, I graduate May 2013! If you remember I was also about 6 months pregnant when I started last semester, and I took on a pretty heavy course load so THIS semester I could take less! Ronnie came home from an underway and we spent as much of the 2 weeks between then and deployment as we could together.

September- Ronnie started his first deployment. He didn't want me to stay and watch the boat pull out from the pier so I left, but stuck around and found a spot where you could watch until they disappeared. I needed to see it in order to believe he was really leaving.  I cried. Then I went home and took a nap, woke up and went to class. School helped a lot! It was nice to be super busy!
I also did fall things like making a wreath when I was supposed to be doing homework...

October- I was still super busy with school, and things falling apart, like the garage door.
All the other wives toilets overflowed, could I get lucky and just have to buy a plunger? Nope, the garage door had to fall down! I'm so happy we live in housing, they sent someone out right away to fix it!

  I also found time to go to the FRG costume a pumpkin farmer! I painted my belly myself!

Around mid October I got an email, and it wasn't just any email it was an email from excitement faded a little when I read "Don't freak out, but I hurt my knee pretty bad, I can't walk on it. I have to wait until the next port to get an MRI." FUN. Then the day before Halloween I get a phone call..."I might be flying home this week, there are no MRI machines here." I was happy to have him come home but I knew it was the beginning of something a little harder than having him gone, as much as he said he hated being deployed, he didn't like being home without his boat a little more.  SO about 9 weeks into our first deployment he came home! And we waited for a doctors appointment to see if he needed MRI...

November- We waited some more. Then he finally got his MRI. More waiting...Then another appointment to get another appointment (which was actually right after Christmas!) to tell him "you need surgery" FUN. In the mean time I continued to go to class and get things done like get Charlie's hair cut!

After...He HATED me!
And I cut my hair too!

We spent Thanksgiving with BOTH of our families since I was too pregnant to travel! It was quite an experience having 27 people at dinner!

December-I started my last week + finals week of school! Decorated our Christmas tree (it only took an entire WEEK!)

Then on December 14th I emailed my last final project to my professor, 2 hours later my water broke! We went to the hospital at 8AM on December 15th...and after 13 hours at 7lbs 10oz miss Claira was born!  We are SO happy she is finally here! Some good came out of Ronnie's injury, because he would not have been home for her birth.

one week old!
she and the Charlie are pretty good friends!
4 weeks old!
6 weeks old!

January- Came and went before I knew it! I started school when Claira was almost 4 weeks old.  I worked it out so my classes are only in the mornings, and the afternoons are free to spend snuggling with my snuggly baby! Ronnie had his surgery consult and after almost 6 months will have his surgery next week.

Yesterday- Was my birthday. 23 years old! Ronnie left work early and showed up at the door with flowers, a bottle of wine, and a birthday cake. It was a great surprise since I wasn't expecting to see him until almost midnight!

Today- My baby is 7 weeks old and she is getting SO big! We had some issues with her weight in the beginning but she is definitely making up for it now. Well that is what has been going on the past few months! I'd like to get on here more often, I'm going to set a goal of at least once a week for now! :]