Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My KRAZY Morning...

Once upon a time there was a loan company who lent some money so a girl named Kristin could pay for college. Then she transferred schools a few times, and every time the schools' financial aid office sent in, or told Kristin to send in the correct paperwork to the loan company to straighten everything out so they knew she was still in school, so she wouldn't have to start paying them until she graduated.

Then Kristin transferred AGAIN to a school in Charleston. This school tries really hard, but being a new school, they still have A LOT of kinks to work out. Instead of traditional semesters this school breaks down it's year into 4 quarters Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Kristin attended this school for an entire year in 2010, and every quarter the financial aid office decided to send the correct paperwork to the loan company, except for her last quarter. Normally, a school would notify you when they stopped doing something for you, but not this one.

SO 3 months after Kristin leaves this school (without a graduation and the degree she had planned on getting, but that is a WHOLE different story) The loan company decides to call up Kristin, and her parents who cosigned this loan, and say "Hey your grace period was up a few weeks ago, and your payment is late!" (Kristin's father's worst nightmare! Which is MORE added stress to the situation.) After a double check on the actual date it was, and a few phone calls back and forth with the company, it is found out that the school in Charleston told the company her last day was in September, instead of December.

After a few more calls between the loan company, who is calling every day, and the school, Kristin fills out the paperwork and has the school send it in. BUT it still is not resolved.

Until this morning when I finally get in touch with the right person at the school. Sent in some more paperwork, only to find out it isn't the right form. Then another call back to the loan company, and I find out it IS the right paperwork. Now I am just waiting for the person at the school in Charleston to get back from lunch. AND HOPEFULLY HAVE THIS STRAIGHT BY THE END OF TODAY!

And the moral of the story is...I HATE owing people money.

I had big plans for this morning too. I woke up feeling pretty good compared to the past few days, I was going to CLEAN! Oh well, I can start that after this is figured out. It looks like the Charlie got into crackers and paper towels, YAY more stuff for me to clean!


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