Saturday, May 14, 2011


This weekend has been pretty fun so far. Friday afternoon I went with Ronnie to get a new military ID...because dummy here put it in my back pocket after we went to the commissary and WHO KNOWS where it fell out! But I really did need a new one anyway. The old one was from when we first got married and it had the wrong rank on it.

Then Friday night we had our first Phil's BBQ (if you live in San Diego you need to go!) experience with our friends Mike and Nicole, Grady, and Marc! It was pretty good! Next time we will probably go earlier or not on a weekend, the line was wrapped around the building! We ended up just sitting in the bar and ordering there.

Today was a lazy day. It was AWESOME. We went to Lowe's to check prices so Husband could build a work bench in the garage. As soon as we got home I laid down on the couch and took a 2 hour nap! It was amazing.

When I woke up Ronnie, Grady, and Marc were playing xbox. Then we went out for Korean BBQ which was also really good! It's Grady's last night with us so they are all hanging out until we take him to the airport in the morning, where he will fly for hours and hours to a few other countries where people aren't fond of American's, and eventually meet his ship. I am most definitely praying for safe travels for him.

But I am also a little excited for it to just be Ronnie and I in our house again!

Tonight I am a little worried too. Because one day soon it will just be Charlie and I in our house. And I know that it will most likely just be an underway, but it will be our first. From what I've heard from Marc, who is also on a sub, there is very little communication, like next to none. And there are a ton of rules (one of them being no pictures in emails!)

I've been reading all of these blogs from Surface wives whose husbands are deployed and how hard it's been for them. And they have seemingly a good amount of communication.

I just second guess myself, I guess. I keep asking myself "Will I be able to do this?" I know I will be, since I will HAVE to do it. I guess it's just not something you can completely prepare yourself for until it's time.

I'm also worried about saying too much. Giving too much information about his sub on here. I haven't met any of the other wives yet, but Husband was telling me that they have already had to re-schedule underways and the deployment coming up because they found a lot of the schedule in one of the wives blogs!!! If that is true...I don't even know what to say to it. It makes me a little mad, and what's going to stop it from happening again? I just don't want to be someone who says too much! It's scary!

I am going to stop before I freak myself out too too much! And I need to go to sleep so I can make sure the guys are up in time for the airport run at 5 in the morning! (YUCK!!)



  1. I haven't been to Phil's bbq yet but I have been to Lil Piggies close to base... YUM

    Is your husband going to be gone the whole time you're pregnant? (Sorry if you already mentioned this... new reader) :)

  2. Well you'll need to go to Phil's ASAP!! ;]

    He will most likely be gone sporadically thru most of the pregnancy, and will not be here when the baby is born. It's kind of scary, but I think it will make the homecoming THAT much better. :]

  3. I absolutely love the title of your blog. I just found your blog and looking forward to reading more :)