Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a...duckling?

Wow it has been awhile!
I've been meaning to post because LAST Friday was our second doctor's appointment...and we have pictures!!! It's all pretty exciting! Seeing there actually is a baby in there (I had some serious doubts the other day when my mom was talking about maternity clothes and stocking up on diapers!) and hearing the little heartbeats really got me excited about all of this! It's hard to believe I am already almost at 12 weeks!

So here are the pictures! They aren't very good since my dinosaur scanner isn't working and I had to take them with my iPhone!
You know you are a military wife when your midwife points out the hand up by the face and says "It looks like the baby is saluting!" instead of "It looks like the baby is waving!" :]
This is what the baby looked like the first time we saw it! It looks like our little one is just floating around kicking back with their hands behind the head. Hopefully this is an indication that this baby will have an easy going personality!

Now for the reason behind the title of this post...

Take a really close look at this picture. Do you see the duckling??!? It looks like a beak where the head meets the torso, and there is a round dark spot that almost looks like a big duck eye in the head!
My dad was looking at this when I went home last weekend and pointed and said "Look it's a boy!" even though it is still pretty early to tell, and then my mom takes it and stares at it for a minute and says "'s a duck!" It was pretty funny!
This would probably really concern me but the other pictures we have look like its a human baby in there, so now I can just laugh and appreciate my child's budding sense of humor!
We decided it is probably just an arm up by the face and the angle it was taken from.

I don't think Ronnie appreciates it when I call the baby our duckling, but I think he is pretty excited! I'm so glad he was able to come to the appointment and experience this with me!
This week has gone by really fast even though I haven't done much, except for a little cleaning.

Tomorrow I go back home again, it was supposed to be the husband and I, but he found out this morning he has to work security for the Submariner's Ball tomorrow evening. I guess it's a good thing we didn't plan on going! He doesn't feel comfortable going to events like that until he is qualified, it is the same reason we didn't attend the Navy ball last year while he was still in a student status, and I completely understand, it's something he feels he needs to earn before he'll feel like he belongs there.

But it's only one night without him and Sunday afternoon I am jumping back in the car with my two sisters, Caitlin and Mallory, and Ronnie's sister Meaghan and bringing them to our house for a fun filled first week of summer in San Diego! I am really excited to have them all stay with us next week! We decided we'd have them come this week because NEXT weekend I am taking Charlie back anyway because PetSmart called and asked if he would model! We get a discount on the grooming services so I said heck yes and signed him up! :]

Well there is my little update for the week! I'm really hoping to post more often, I just need to get back in the swing of things.



  1. Sooo fun!! I was convinced we were having a seahorse, but it was indeed a baby. :)

  2. Not sure how to comment back yet so I thought I'd just write on your post :)
    Yes, my husband gave me a downy ball a few days ago and it has been so helpful. Thanks for your suggestion!
    And your baby saluting is hilarious haha :)