Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I need to post more often.

I think I have a solution to this little problem I have...but right now I am SOOOO distracted!

You'd think it was this whole being pregnant thing...
Yes it is very distracting right now...

If I'm not nauseous (that word looks so weird to me right now but I'm going to trust my phone on this one sorry if I spelled that wrong!) I'm hungry...
And if I'm not hungry I'm tired.

I vacuumed the house today and needed a nap by the time I was done!

But that's not why I'm distracted!

I'm distracted because Netflix has every season of ARMY WIVES to "watch instantly"!!!

Not only is it easy to relate to it's awesome to know I've been to the places they show!
It makes me miss Charleston sometimes...but not too much...

It's funny seeing paintings on the walls in the background from the gallery I worked in when we lived there...it's kind of sad that the other night I paused it on one and pointed it out to Ronnie...I didn't tell him that I also knew the name of the painting and the name of the frame it was in.

I wish I would have known this when we lived there but the son of one of the ladies who goes to Ronnie's families church works on the show! It would have been neat to go visit the set and stuff!

I really wish I had an "Army Wives" group of friends!
Maybe one of these days...

The playground that is literally two feet away from our back door is one of the more popular ones in the neighborhood, I'd like to go out there and sit and talk with the other women out there while they watch their kids play but I don't know if that would be awkward or not!
Since my child is currently the size of a blueberry and isn't as old as all the other kids...
Would that be weird for me to go out there???

I have no idea!

But lately I'm fine just hanging out with the Charlie on the couch!
He's been such a good dog lately!
Really patient in the mornings when I tend to eat before I do ANYTHING including take him outside to go potty.
He also follows me everywhere, more than he used to. He gets so worries when I yawn now too not just when I sneeze.
AND if I lay down to take a nap...he does too!

I know he's good with toddler age children and older but I'm really hoping he'll be good with the baby too...as in not thinking it is another dog or a toy!
We will figure that out when the time comes I guess!

Last weekend Ronnie and I went home again!
It's so great being so close now, getting to spend Easter with our families was really special.

I like going home...but I REALLY like our new home in San Diego!

...including my bed which I should be sleeping in right now because I am completely EXHAUSTED...

Maybe I'll start on my awesome blogging more often plan.... tomorrow....

-Kristin W.

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  1. I love netflix!
    I saw that you are from Arizona and now stationed in San Diego? Us too!
    Looking forward to reading about your stay here : )