Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Past 10 Days...

Have been EVENTFUL to say the least!

I have good reasons for not posting recently...but I really don't like going THIS long! I've been on here on my phone every day reading about everyone else but didn't post.

Now about these "events"....

First of all one of Ronnie's friend's from Charleston is in San Diego waiting to go to his ship, and while he's waiting he is living in one of our extra bedrooms(YES, I said BEDROOMS...housing gave us a 3 bedroom house for some reason!)
It's been fun! Grady is a nice guy, he's respectful, AND he helps with groceries :]
When he first came to stay I was going to post something, joking about "expanding our family"

But what comes next makes that statement even more funny...

Some of you may know already...


It's a pretty big surprise since we weren't planning on "expanding our family" for another few years! I'm due sometime in December. We're all getting a big Christmas present this year!

Last Friday we went home for the weekend and told our family,
everyone is very excited.

I'm getting a little more excited every day, I guess it's still sinking in, but I'm completely obsessed with this little pea sized person growing inside me!

The only thing I'm not excited about is the fact that Ronnie will most likely not be there when the baby is born, and will probably be missing a lot of the pregnancy, but I know that's a pretty common thing with the Navy, and nothing is ever set in stone so we will see!

Now for the other news! (I know how much could POSSIBLY happen in 10 days?!)

I received a letter Monday saying I have been re-accepted to the college here that I went to before I moved to Charleston!

I start school again in August! I'm so excited!
I'll only get to do about a semester before the baby, but hopefully I can do some online classes in the spring and take summer classes.


Well...I just thought I'd check in and give everyone an update! I'm going to go work more on my blog design...I'm really excited about it and it's almost finished!



  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That's sooo exciting! Congratulations!! :D I can't wait to see belly pics along the way ;-) And maaaaybe we can get together again this summer, I'm coming to Yuma in June, but hopefully I can come up to San Diego for a day or something!

    Congrats again!

  2. Thanks Deanna! I'm planning on going home a lot so maybe if you can't make it to SD I could come down and meet you! :]