Thursday, June 13, 2013


There is something about standing at the point on the beach where the water meets the sand and letting it wash over your feet that just amazes me. It always has. Looking out it seems like you can see forever, but at the same time it feels as if you could just reach out and touch the spot on the horizon where the sky collides with the water. 


Yesterday we went back to San Diego for the day/night to clean the house, since we have yet another vet appointment on Saturday and I have no idea if I will be back before Ronnie. We took a break from cleaning and went down to the beach for dinner and the sunset. We walked along, and Claira went splashing. She is a little beach bum, it makes me happy that she shares the same love of the ocean that I do. 

I like to stand in the water and look out to the horizon, hoping to see a sail, or something. It makes me feel closer to Ronnie to think that the water rushing over my feet is the same water rushing around the boat.

Today after (getting sunburned) tackling the over grown weeds in the garden plot (another post for another day!) we went and grabbed some lunch at Cotija's in Point Loma, and headed back to the beach. We played and splashed, ate some seaweed (no sand today!) collected shells, took in the smells and the cool air. 

There is something about a sleepy blonde head resting on a shoulder, missed grains of sand on tan skin, watching the sun slowly sink into the water. 


Life is going 150,000 mph, but moments like these slow time. We're back in Arizona now, counting down the days of this underway, and hoping Charlie doesn't need to see the vet anymore after Saturday. 

I miss our home, but we'll be back! 


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