Saturday, June 8, 2013


I have some quiet time this afternoon  while at my parents' house, my sisters are both at work, my brother is at a birthday party, and my parents are running errands and grabbing dinner before they pick up my brother. Charlie doesn't fit in his crate with "cone of shame" on, so Claira and I left Ronnie's mom and dad's house to come back and be with him. He had a check up today and the graft is taking, and his eye is on it's way to healing, we will see what happens at his next appointment Tuesday! So he is curled up at my feet with his one eyed snuggle monster I bought him as a get well grift (I thought it was a good idea!) and Claira is taking a much needed late afternoon nap. 

I just love her! This next week she will be 18 months old, and I can't believe it! She's such a smart, sweet, silly ball of sunshine. She is our little Ladybug. She continues to surprise me every day and I absolutely am loving every minute of being her mommy! 

She's been walking since she was 10 months old and is talking like crazy now! (We can't always understand what she says, but it doesn't stop her!) Her new word this week is "clock" and she loves anything that looks like a clock, and anything that goes "round and round" like a clock (windmill, fan, pinwheel, thermostat, scale, outdoor thermometer) It's so exciting to see her make connections and learn new things. 

I love that she is so flexible already, when she experiences new people and new places she dives right in, and you would never know it was new to her. It's a good quality to have as a military kid! I've been thinking about that a lot as we are preparing to move again in a few months,  wondering how she will adjust to the things in our house being in a new place, and I have a feeling she will be okay.  

She also realizes now that Daddy is gone a lot, but she loves when he comes home. The other day after Ronnie left on this underway he is on right now she picked up something of his and asked "Momma?" 
"Yes Claira?" 
"What's this?" 
"That is Daddy's computer mouse, he left it here." 
"Yes Claira?" 
"Where Daddy go?" 
"He had to go to work for a long time, we will see him soon okay?" 
And she hasn't really asked for him since! She likes to talk about him when she looks at the pictures I put up on the wall by her play kitchen. We read the "daddy book" he recorded for her, and she calls him on the "key phone" (my car key is the only thing that can call the boat apparently, don't tell anyone!) She used to have really bad nights when he would leave, but she is adjusting to it and knows that I am here for her. 

These past few days we have spent a lot of time in the pool, and she is such a brave little fish. I'm going to teach her what I can and maybe she'll be "swimming" by the end of the summer! 

Speaking of swimming, I need to go check on her, maybe we can get a swim in before dinner tonight! :]



  1. Love to see you back here :-) Where are you guys moving? Or is that classified? ;-)

  2. Hi Deanna! Claira, Charlie and I will most likely be moving to Yuma when Ronnie deploys! :]