Friday, June 7, 2013


I didn't think I would have SO MUCH to do! I'd planned on writing more, but I haven't been home. 
Over Mother's Day we spent one last weekend as a family in Arizona with our families before Ronnie went underway (again) he's been underway a lot since January. Thankfully, the 3 month "deployment" was cancelled and he was home to make it to not only my graduation, but my senior portfolio review! (My portfolio is one of the main reasons I put my blog on hold last year, but that is for another post!) We all came home to send him off, then Claira, Charlie and I went home for my cousin's high school graduation, and Memorial Day weekend. Sometime over the weekend Charlie was poked in the eye and my poor little dog was not himself. 

Tuesday after Memorial Day I got a call from Ronnie: "Where are you?" 
"I'm at my parents' house still, where are you?" 
"I'm home for 18 hours, how fast can you get home?" 
"I can leave as soon as I get the car packed up!" 
2.5 hours later Claira and I were back in his arms! That was probably the best few hours we have spent together in a long time, but it was also one of the hardest times to say goodbye. He convinced me to pack up and go back to Arizona the next day. And we did. 
On Friday Charlie was STILL not himself so I called the vet clinic my cousin and her husband take their dog to, and they had a last minute appointment on Saturday. Charlie had an ulcer in his cornea, they gave him pain meds and drops and wanted to see him back on Wednesday, he was acting like he felt so much better so I thought it was healing, apparently it wasn't because he had to have emergency surgery on Wednesday! They had to take a tissue graft from his another part of his eye and attach it to the cornea to patch it up. He's not feeling too well now, but he's happy to be back with us after an over night stay at the animal hospital. He goes back in the morning for a recheck, the vet said that there is still a chance that he will lose sight in that eye completely, but we won't know more until he has healed from the surgery. 

I'd planned on being back at home and sleeping in my own (half-empty) bed by now, but we have to stay for vet visits for this little guy! It's okay though, Claira and I are with family, and my grandparents are visiting so we get to spend a few more days with them. 


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