Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 months later...

So much for "I am going to post once a week!" 
Life has been busy, as you can probably guess. :] 
I am getting really excited though, soon I will have more time for my blog! 
I only have 2 more days and I am free for the if anyone in San Diego needs a beach/mall/park/eating buddy I am your girl! Actually you will get 2 buddies...Claira and I are a package deal!  

Speaking of Claira...

This beautiful ball of fluffy baby chub is now double the weight she was when she was born! 
She is so happy, and surprises us everyday! She recently discovered that she can grab her toes on her own, and now she plays with them any chance she gets. It's kind of nice because she holds her own feet up during diaper changes ;] 

I am so ready for the semester to be over, one last final Friday! And how do you think I have been preparing for it? Finishing my sculpture and studying for the written exam? 
Of course not! 
I baked banana bread tonight, and started editing my cousin-in-law (not sure if that is a real relative term...but it makes sense to me! I also have sissy-cousins...) and her friend's senior photos. Because I am a master procrastinator, I have been a college student for 5 years now! 
No, I will get it done tomorrow. 
Tonight I am also procrastinating going to sleep, the husband is working the mid watch this week, it is so weird going to sleep alone at night with Claira here now! Before I could stay up late and sleep in but now she literally is my alarm clock in the mornings I don't get up early for school, and she doesn't have a snooze button. :] 

And speaking of Ronnie, his surgery went well, they had to take half of his meniscus from his right knee. The surgery went well, but recovery has been loooong, too long! He is still in physical therapy three days a week and has not yet been cleared to go back to his boat, because he has trouble with ladders and being on his hands and knees...and if you can't do can't get into a submarine! It has been a little frustrating, and really stressful, BUT he is getting better and will be back doing his real job soon! 

Well I better go to sleep! My alarm clock will be rolling around in her crib and yelling before I know least she sleeps all night now! 
I WILL be posting again...
...sooner or later :]


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