Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They don't sell packing elves at Walmart

The packing has started!!!!
Not my favorite thing, but it's getting done. One box at a time. I didn't think we'd actually accumulated so much stuff in the year we've lived here but unfortunately we have, so that means a trip to the store to get more boxes and a few other "packing necessities"; trash bags, bubble wrap, packaging tape, extra large sharpies for labeling boxes, packing elves...I wish they existed! Haha, like the elves that made the shoes at night for the shoemaker in that story. It would be awesome if I just woke up and everything was packed neatly into labeled boxes ready to go. We are doing a DITY (Do IT Yourself) move so...no government movers to pack everything up!
The closest thing I have to a "packing elf" is Charlie and he does more of the finding new things to play with than actually pack :] But it's okay! I don't mind packing by myself because I like knowing exactly what is in which box and where it's going, since I am STILL just now finding things from the last move! My goal for when we get to our new house is to not have anything in boxes after a month...we'll see how that goes!

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