Monday, February 21, 2011


I finally did it! I started a blog.
Of course I figure now is a good time, since we are getting ready to move from one coast to the other, no big deal right? Ha, I finally decided to do this because; I have a little extra time, and it's something I've been wanting to do for awhile. And here is the best part, it isn't an assignment for school or a requirement for life, I started it for myself.  My new creative outlet, since "art school" of all things took the creativity out of everything for me.
I chose the name of my blog (which took days) not just because I like sea shells, and I like taking photos. Sea shells come from the sea, and that is where my husband will be for months and months at a time. One of my favorite things about the Navy is we are always going to live near a beach (it may not always be one in southern California...but any beach is better than no beach!), which is one of my favorite places. And snapshots, photos, pictures, they not only can tell you so much about not only the person who took them, but establish a connection between the people, places, and things in them. With a blog, each post is a snapshot into the writer's life, and I think people are so drawn to them because of that same connection they feel.
So, this is for me, for my friends and family, and anyone else who feels a connection with what is going on, on this crazy adventure.

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