Thursday, February 24, 2011

The B!!!!

Packing Day 3: Exhausted! But our apartment is looking less and less like people live here! It's kind of sad leaving our first apartment together...but I am SO EXCITED to find out what comes next! As of right now we don't know where we will be living in San Diego, but we have a month of leave to figure that out, it was funny listening to the Hubby on the phone with the military housing people trying to convince them we are having babies soon so we could qualify for a place with more than one bathroom.  It's CRAZY, but I know everything will work out, only because it has so far! I just bought my mom a plane ticket to come out and help us drive across the country, that is going to be so much fun!

So far I've learned that being a Navy Wife takes a lot of TRUST, in God, in your Husband, in yourself and in your family and friends. And the more trust you have the more fun it gets. Personally, I love this moving every few years plan. A couple weeks ago when we didn't know where we were going yet, I was obviously anxious about it, but it was so exciting to me to find out. I think a lot of adjusting well to this life is your attitude. If you are negative about things, you wont be happy, if you stay positive then everything will be that much more exciting.

And speaking of EXCITING...
This weekend I am going up to North Carolina to have some much needed girls time with my bestie, B!

We have been really close since we met in 7th grade, B had just moved to Arizona from Georgia and she talked kind of funny, but she seemed really nice so I asked her to be in my group for a project on nuclear weapons, of all things. We pretty much clicked right away, and did just about everything together! Jr. High was awesome because of B, and her family became a second family to me. Her mom is a big source of inspiration to me as a military wife. B's dad was deployed with the Marine Corps right after 9/11, and it was rough on everyone but she stepped up for her family and was this great strength that kept them all together until he came home again. I hope that when the time comes I can be just as strong and level headed as her. :]
 After our freshman year of high school B's dad retired and they moved back to North Carolina. It was really sad but they asked me to make the move with them and spend some time in North Carolina over the summer! That was an amazing trip, I saw so many places and things I'd never seen before.
 Since then we have been back and forth to see each other at least once a year. So moving to Charleston was great for us because it's only a short drive instead of an all day flight! 

  We even spent Thanksgiving with B's family this year! So basically it's our last opportunity to spend some time together while live within reasonable driving distance of each other! 

We've already started planning our shenanigans.



  1. So I am blog stalking you! :) I am excited to know more of what is going on with you though, so I will continue stalking. I am so excited, and jealous, that you get to move closer to family! I love you and hope that your move goes well!
    Your sissy cousin in Panama :)

  2. I had such a fun and long overdue girl's weekend with you, even tho it was short. I love that we can get together after however long, and it feels like we were never apart. It was a weekend full of so many awesome old memories. Seemed like we were still back in 7th grade :)